Cuba Ups Public Internet Access, But Still Bans It In Homes

Cuba will increase public access to the Internet by creating 118 new Internet points around the island. And while the price of connection is going to drop, the country’s citizens will still not be allowed to connect in their homes.

The current cost of $6 per hour will drop to $4.50 per hour, an astronomical amount even without taking into consideration the average Cuban worker’s salary of $20 per month. Cubans will be able to read their emails–which they can do in the post office–for $1.50.

The only way of getting online at the moment is either in a person’s place of work or study, or in tourist hotels, although journalists and doctors are allowed Internet access at home. They–and everyone who connects–are monitored by the state-run telco Etecsa, which reserves the right to prohibit access.

Last year, the island played host to two social media festivals. Less than 100 people attended each one.AD