Payleven’s Mobile Pay Device To Hit Apple Store Shelves

Payleven, an EU-based chip-and-PIN mobile card payment service, is going on sale in Apple stores. It’s a big rival to the much-feted U.S.-based Square.

Payleven has struck a deal with Apple that will bring its mobile payments dongle to Apple Store shelves. Apple was said to be impressed by Payleven’s “high security standards” and promising market potential in several “core” European markets.


Payleven’s reader can scan chip-and-PIN cards, which can offer higher protection against fraud than magnetic strip-only cards. It costs £99 ($149) to buy the Bluetooth-connected dongle, but the service has no monthly fees or contracts for merchants to worry about. It’s on sale in the U.K., Italy, Brazil, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Yesterday Payleven rival SumUp revealed it had earned a significant cash injection from Groupon and American Express. U.S.-based Square made headlines when it hit Apple Store shelves but has seen only a slow-paced expansion overseas.

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