U.S. Smartphone Users Spend Almost One Hour Each Day On Their Devices

Most time is spent on calls and texts, while watching videos and reading on devices are minimal activities.


A report by Experian shows just how much time Americans devote to their mobile devices. U.S. mobile users spend 58 minutes on their smartphones each day, with texting and calling taking up the majority of that time.


Here’s the total breakdown:
Calling: 26%
Texting: 20%
Social Media: 16%
Browsing the web: 14%
Email: 9%
Games: 8%
Camera and GPS: 2%
Other: 9%

Both video and reading came in as minimal activities, with 2.3% of time devoted to watching something either on a website or via the device’s own video player, and just 0.5 of 1% of time spent reading.

The report also claims iPhone owners spend a lot more time on their phones than those with Android devices: 1 hour 15 minutes, compared to 49 minutes. No doubt Google will be claiming this is because their phones are more efficient, while Apple will say it’s because the iOS user experience is so, like, amaaazing.

Do you spend more or less time on your phone than the average American, and what is the activity that takes up most of that period? Please use our comments section to respond.

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