What Else Did Tim Cook Say? A Round-Up Of The Apple CEO’s D11 Interview

Most attention was given to Cook’s scathing dismissal of Google Glass, but the CEO also talked about Jony Ive’s input into iOS 7 ahead of next month’s WWDC, Apple’s recent acquisitions, and its designs on the world’s TVs.

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared at AllThingsD’s D11 Conference yesterday. Wearing a broad smile and a Nike FuelBand, Cook talked fulsomely about the profound future of wearable technology. But what else did he say?


As with all tech titans, Cook managed to be disarming and appealing, while revealing almost nothing about his firm’s future. He touched on the rumored Apple-branded television, but would say little about why the project has yet to see the light of day. No mention of the rumored iRing, either.

Cook did reveal Apple has been spending money, acquiring nine firms since October 2012. No details were forthcoming, however.

And finally, Cook confirmed that Jony Ive was working on a design for iOS 7, which will launch at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in just a few weeks. No clues about the UI’s rumored flat design, but Cook said Ive’s input was “really key.”

You can watch the full D11 interview with Cook here.

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