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Apple CEO Tim Cook: The Future Of Wearable Technology “Could Be Profound”

We’re two weeks away from Apple’s splashy, annual developer conference. And though Cook hasn’t said a peep about an iWatch, he says wearables are a “very important” branch of the tech tree.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: The Future Of Wearable Technology “Could Be Profound”

Apple‘s tightlipped CEO Tim Cook didn’t say a peep about an iWatch or a new family of iPhones during the opening keynote at AllThingsD‘s D conference Tuesday night. But Cook, no doubt in the throes of preparations for Apple’s forthcoming annual Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for June 10th, did offer some perspective on where the tech world is heading in a post-PC era.

Specifically, Cook expressed an interest in the promise of wearables–devices that include the Nike Fuelband, which Cook praised, and the Pebble smartwatch. Though Cook didn’t shed any light on whether or not Apple would be going after its share of the wearables market, he did say “It could be a profound area.”

When AllThingsD’s executive editor Kara Swisher asked Cook for his thoughts on the current headline-grabbing wearable–Google Glass–he said “the likelihood that it has broad appeal is hard to see.”

“To convince people they have to wear something, it has to be incredible,” Cook said. “If we asked a room of 20-year olds to stand up if they’re wearing a watch, I don’t think anyone would stand up.”

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