Chinese Hackers Reportedly Accessed U.S. Weapons Secrets

The Pentagon thinks Chinese hackers stole detailed data on advanced U.S. weapons systems, according to a report acquired by the Washington Post.

A classified Pentagon document suggests that penetration of U.S. secret data by Chinese hackers may have been very deep. According to the Washington Post, hackers have accessed secret data concerning advanced military weapons and vehicles like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Patriot anti-missile missile system.


Separately, Australia’s press revealed Chinese hackers gained access to blueprints for its new intelligence agency headquarters, still being built in Canberra. China is Australia’s biggest trading partner, and Foreign Minister Bob Carr has issued a statement saying the attack shouldn’t damage political ties with China.

China is expanding its military with more 21st century innovations, and is currently developing a next-generation fighter aircraft with some stealthy qualities loosely resembling the F-35.

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