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The Most Creative People In Style, Retail

From a coffee hawker to designer clothes to hair, hair, and more hair, here are the innovators from our Most Creative People In Business 2013 list who are creating new ways to answer the demands of fashion-conscious consumers.

The Most Creative People In Style, Retail


VP Of Consumer Products, National Football League

"When you looked at women’s NFL products, it was like a sporting goods store," Tracey Bleczinski says. She’s raised sales of women’s apparel and accessories more than 76% over the past three years, in part with pop-up style lounges at 10 NFL stadiums last season. Read more.


Director Of Concept Design, Starbucks

Liz Muller’s task is to introduce the chain into foreign markets via splashy flagship stores, and her efforts often stray from the first 18,000 shops' formula. She builds based on how cultures interact with brands. Read more.


CEO, Gilt Groupe

She took over Gilt in February, a company whose "transformative period" is innovating beyond flash sales. One thing’s for sure: Peluso has plenty of ideas. Read more.

Art Peck (No. 23)

President Of Growth, Innovation & Digital—A Division Of Gap, Inc.

Art Peck powers Gap Inc.'s new vitality in both style (you might actually wear the clothes) and substance (it ended last year with $15.7 billion in net sales, an 8% jump). Here are three projects he's proudest of.

ALLI WEBB (No. 35)

Founder, Drybar

Alli Webb, 38, was inspired to start her mobile hair-drying business in 2007 as a new mom. She was feeling a little stir crazy but wasn't exactly eager to return to the kind of salons where she grinded out a decade's worth of workdays. Plus, between baby-sitters and gas money, she barely broke even. "I was so in mommyland at that point, the idea was less about making money and more about getting out of the house and socializing," Webb says. Read more.


CEO, Living Proof

Jill Beraud loves taking risks—her Living Proof hair products even take their anti-frizz functionality from, of all things, a team of MIT scientists. Here is some of the history of her smart gambles.


Creative Director, Topshop; CMO, Topshop

Topshop has retail prowess—with more than 450 global stores and counting—but shines best online, thanks to clever tricks such as in-store photo booths that create shareable animated GIFs of shoppers in Topshop wares. Read more.


Founder, CEO, soleRebels

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu's childhood village in Ethiopia taught her a sobering economic lesson: "We had lots of artisan talent, but no job opportunities," she says. So, on a plot of her grandmother's land in Addis Ababa, she created a small-scale solution: soleRebels, a shoe company that pays fair wages and uses locally sourced materials such as organic, hand-spun cotton. Read more.


Founder, Baggu

Former J.Crew designer Emily Sugihara gathers her team regularly to ask: "What do we want?" As she puts it, "All our products originate from someone saying, ‘I really need this.’ " It’s a guiding principle for the company that she started in 2007. Read more.


President, CEO, StyleHaul

Imagine this: A hundred teen versions of celeb stylist Rachel Zoe, each armed with a webcam. That's the kind of genius energy that has made Style-Haul YouTube's No. 1 fashion and beauty channel. Stephanie Horbaczewski, the former director of marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue, now oversees more than 1,800 video bloggers in 41 countries, sharing fashion tips such as how to get that Vampire Diaries look. Read more.