Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ Vision For Your TV Of Tomorrow: Giant iPads

Netflix is having a very good year.

How good?

For starters, the DVD and streaming company effectively broadened its brand to become a creator of original entertainment programming.

By some counts, its D.C. politics-obsessed original series, House of Cards, was at one point earlier this year the most popular show on the air–any air.

And this past holiday weekend, Netflix reintroduced the endlessly entertaining Bluth family by making 15 fresh episodes of Arrested Development available to stream for rabid fans and newbies alike.

All of which has helped push Netflix very near 30 million subscribers–and bring in some $1 billion in revenue during the first three months of 2013.

Reed Hastings

So clearly Reed Hastings has many reasons to smile these days. In this episode of Dialed, Amber Mac sat down with the CEO and Founder of Netflix to talk about the importance of using technology in pursuit of productivity, the dwindling necessity of phone conversations, and how success doesn’t always come easy the first time around. Reed also shares his vision of the future of television, something he’s shaping on a daily basis (hint: it involves a really big iPad!).


[Image: Flickr user Shardayyy]