In The Golden Age Of Experimentation, Doing Is Believing

Chris Anderson, perhaps best known as the former editor of Wired magazine, left the publication late last year to focus on his business, 3-D Robotics.

The company designs and makes aerial vehicles, such as unmanned airplanes, with a team of more than 70 people working around the globe. During this episode of Dialed, Anderson talks about how he bounced this new business idea off his children, initially trying to get them interested in robots that fly.

While his kids weren’t sold, he admits he “fell right down the rabbit hole,” determined to focus on 3-D Robotics full-time to see how the company could improve the aerial vehicles industry.

Chris Anderson

Anderson also dives into his passion for experimentation, sharing stories about micro-manufacturing, something he covers in depth in his most recent book, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. With a growing business in the works, Anderson talks about how he stays productive and offers one big secret: Don’t watch TV.

That sure would free up a bunch of time for many of us. And the corollary of the no-television idea is even more helpful to keep in mind: Do more stuff.

[Image: Flickr user Pop!Tech]AM