Next Xbox And PlayStation May Be Generation Ahead Of PCs

Rajat Taneja, VP and CTO at Electronic Arts, has stirred controversy with his suggestion that the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are “a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market.”

Writing on LinkedIn, as Taneja said the power of these machines comes from their powerful systems-on-a-chip architecture, their underlying operating system and their live service layer . EA has benchmarked the machines and has found audio and video performance are “8-10 times superior to the current generation.”

It’s a controversial assertion given that top-end PC gaming evolves all the time, and companies like Nvidia constantly push the limites of what’s possible in terms of graphics processing. Supporting this, Google is thought to be betting on the huge power of GPUs for the future of web technology.

Is this another sign that we’re entering the post-PC era, where the computing machine that many families have sitting in their living rooms out-performs their traditional computers?KE