Report: A Quarter Of Laptops Will Have Touch Screens Soon

According to a report by industry analysts IHS, a quarter of all laptops shipped in 2016 will have touch screens, up from just 10% this year.

By 2015, one fifth of all laptops shipped across the world will have touch screens, and by 2016 that ratio will have risen to one in four. Considering under 10% of laptops this year are expected to be touch-sensitive, this is a significant trend. The data comes from the IHS, which has been looking at the growth of the devices.


So who are the main players in the touchscreen game? Google already has its Pixel touchscreen computer. In January, Intel added a touchscreen requirement to its specifications list for its Ultrabook devices–laptops widely seen as a PC response to Apple’s MacBook Air. But Apple’s Steve Jobs famously derided the notion of touch-screen laptops in 2010 because of the odd body position it requires of users.

Intel’s touch-screen push is arguably an effort to inject some of the magic of tablet PCs back into traditional computer formats, as the post-PC era threatens.

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