Facebook Halts U.K. Launch Of HTC First Phone

After a lackluster launch, the social media giant wants to make people like Home before it releases the HTC First anywhere else.

Facebook’s Home seemed to be in a bit of trouble last week when there were strong rumors that AT&T was thinking of discontinuing the HTC First–the flagship smartphone for Home that was given a share of the limelight at the launch event. AT&T denied the rumor, but today’s news is undeniably bad for Facebook: It says it is halting the U.K. launch of the First and is not expanding Home onto other Android phones until it can improve on the program.


Facebook spoke to CNET about the matter and put a positive spin on it: “We’ve listened to feedback from users on their experience using Home. While many people love it, we’ve heard a lot of great feedback about how to make Home substantially better.” And that’s what it says is going on now, as it adds customization features.

Home has been widely criticized and faces many challenges if it’s to surpass its very lackluster uptake among consumers thus far.

Do you think Home has a chance to become popular?

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