New Twitter Product Helps Brands Link TV And Social Ads

Twitter’s President of Globla Revenue Adam Bain announced a way for brands to link their TV ads and Twitter targeting at an Internet Week event in New York City Thursday.

The product is based on technology from Bluefin Labs, a social T.V. analytics company Twitter acquired in February, and tracks which Twitter users are tweeting about shows as they air. It then gives brands who have commercials airing during those shows the opportunity to target promoted tweets at the users who have likely just seen their ads on T.V.

“We often talk about Twitter plus TV,” Bain said. “We’ve now been thinking about Twitter times TV.”

The product will be available to brands starting today.

Twitter also announced a name for its dual-screen sponsorship program: Twitter Amplify. Media companies can use the program to share video clips sponsored by an advertiser. ESPN, for instance, could feature its advertiser’s pre-roll ad before a video clip of an instant replay or sponsor of the Tweet.

Though early activations have mainly focused on sports, Twitter announced a set of more diverse media partners on Thursday, including Conde Nast, New York Magazine, Warner Music and VEVO.