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Google Buys Turbine Maker Makani Power For Its Department X

Makani generates wind power via turbines attached to kites or wings, and is not Google's first foray into renewable energy.

Google has purchased a firm that generates wind power via turbines attached to kites or wings. It is not known how much the acquisition cost Mountain View, but the firm, Makani, is to be folded into Google X, the super-secret special projects section behind Google Glass.

Makani said the deal would provide it with "the resources to accelerate our work to make wind energy cost competitive with fossil fuels."

On the subject of renewable energy, Google has frequently put its money where its mouth is by investing in both geothermal and solar projects. Last year it invested $75 million in a wind farm in Iowa, and in January of this year, poured $200 million into one in Texas.

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