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Our Robot Overlords Will Teach Us To Be More Productive, Better Collaborators

“Robots give us this really unique tool to look into the mind of a human,” Adam Setapen, a roboticist at Romotive, which makes the iPhone-powered robot Romo, says in a new Fast Company video. Meanwhile, by building the mind of a robot, humans learn valuable lessons on efficiency and creativity.

Robots are designed to be productive, task-oriented tools.

But what about the people who create these automated machines? Do the roboticists building the bots pick up the tendencies of their creations, becoming better collaborators along the way?

“A roboticist is someone who can take different subfields and combine them and use them in novel ways,” says Adam Setapen, a roboticist at Romotive, which makes Romo, an iPhone-powered robot.

Adam Setapen

That ability to communicate with different people increases productivity in the workplace by up to 25%, according to a study by McKinsey & Company.

While Romo isn’t built to collaborate, its creators hope it can help its users be more productive at home and at work.

And so, if we are one day more machine than man, that could mean a boon for collaborative business.


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