Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei’s Heavy Metal Video Re-creates His Prison Stay

Ai Weiwei is an unusual guy–so unusual that the Chinese authorities felt the need to lock him up in 2011 for 81 days as part of a crackdown on activists.

His new music video is a re-creation of his prison environment right down to the wallpaper. It’s a promotion for “Dumbass,” the first single from his first music album.

According to the New York Times some of the inspiration for the heavy metal album comes from his detention, during which his paramilitary guards asked that he sing to them, so he sang revolutionary tunes. Weiwei sees “Dumbass” as a kind of therapy, and an activist message all by itself–it contains criticism of Chinese intellectuals who are trying to change China from within the system.

The album, Divine Comedy, is due out on June 22, the second anniversary of his release from prison. The Chinese authorities have been accused of widespread hacking, and Google has previously suggested some hack attempts were directed at the Google accounts of activists and persons of interest in China.