Research Shows Teens Are Embracing Social Sharing Faster Than You Think

New research shows teen Internet users are quickly warming to social sharing, shedding light on why Yahoo just bought Tumblr.

New survey results from Pew Research show teenagers have dramatically embraced social media over the last seven years, shifting their attitudes about online privacy and how they share personal information.


In 2006, just 79% of respondents said they posted a photo of themselves to social media, but 91% said so in the new survey. Seventy-one percent now post the city or town where they live, up from 61%. Fifty-three percent of respondents post an email address online–up significantly from 29%. Some 56% of respondees said they didn’t find it at all hard to manage their Facebook privacy settings. That’s also reflected in the fact that 60% of respondents said their profile was set to “private.” This one fact is a challenge to Mark Zuckerberg’s goal for a more open Facebook, but the background shift in sharing attitudes supports his assertion that the age of privacy is over.

Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Tumblr, a social sharing company very popular among young users, has been widely regarded as a bid on Yahoo’s part to access a younger demographic.

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