Google Shuts Its Checkout, Moves Merchants Into The Google Wallet Line

Judging from Google’s latest service phaseout, laptop- and desktop-based payments are less important than mobile payments. Google announced yesterday that they are closing Google Checkout, which allowed merchants to process payments. Google Checkout will continue to process payments until November 2013, however. Some functionality will migrate to Wallet, the company’s mobile-oriented payment solution.

In an official blog post, Google recommended that current Checkout users migrate to Google Wallet Instant Buy, or payment processing partners BrainTree, Shopify, and Freshbooks. PayPal, Google Checkout’s main rival, was conspicuously missing from the list.

Justin Lawyer, a project manager at Google Wallet, said that “Shoppers can continue to use Google Wallet to make purchases on merchant apps and sites such as Google Play and Chrome Web Store. Just look for the Google Wallet button to make safer and more secure payments. Finally, we’d like to thank our merchant partners that have used Google Checkout and we look forward to helping many more businesses grow with Google Wallet.”

(With Kit Eaton)NU