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In an effort to increase engagement between users and their favorite music, and possibly to appeal to musicians, Spotify has launched its top 50 charts system, which ranks the most-listened-to and most-shared tracks in each of its 28 national regions. At the same time it's turned on play counters for every track in its archive so everyone can get a sense of how popular a particular piece of music is.

The charts are updated every Monday at noon Eastern time. Cleverly, Spotify is allowing the charts to be embedded on websites, which could improve the visibility of Spotify tracks and boost the service's presence compared to competitors like Rdio.

In January, Billboard, which already includes Spotify data in its official music charts, launched a system that lets users port its chart data into online music players like Spotify. Back in March, rumors hinted that Spotify was going to soon try streaming video as well as music in order to attract more customers.