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Yahoo Announces A Flickr That's "Awesome Again"

At Yahoo's press event Monday night, CEO Marissa Mayer announced every Flickr user will get 1 terabyte of free data. "That's 70x what everyone is offering. It's not 70 gigabytes bigger, it's 70x bigger," Yahoo head of mobile Adam Cahan said.

The photo service also launched an Android app and a redesigned website that minimizes the use of thumbnails, text links, and white space in favor of a focus on photos.

Providing the tools to preserve quality photos and putting photos first within the service has been the focus of Flickr product head Markus Spiering for quite some time now. Though glimmers of a better Flickr showed up in its redesigned iPhone app, today's announcements meet the goal of making Flickr, as it was put at the press conference, "biggr" and "wherevr."

"Flickr was awesome once, it languished, and we now want it to be awesome again," Mayer said.

Yahoo will market the new Flickr, beginning with a campaign running on 11 of the largest billboards in Time Square tonight.

Mayer also announced that New York City Yahoo employees will be housed in the old New York Times building on 43rd Street in Manhattan.