• 05.20.13

Germany Cancels Domestic Drone Program

The experimental “Euro Hawk” surveillance drone program was canceled due to European agencies’ safety concerns.

Germany’s controversial “Euro Hawk” program, which would have stationed high-powered intelligence-monitoring unmanned aircraft inside Europe, was reportedly canceled due to safety concerns. IHS Janes‘ Gareth Jennings reports that the €1.2 billion program was scuttled for cost reasons, but Agence France-Presse speculates the cancellation was due to the lack of an anti-collision system on board the drones, which was a substantial liability risk.


The German military was working on Euro Hawk in conjunction with Northrop Grumman, in one of the first trans-Atlantic military drone programs. Northrop Grumman manufactures a similar system called Global Hawk–one of the world’s most sophisticated spy aircraft, and one routinely used in American and Afghan airspace.

AFP reports that Germany is considering a purchase of Heron TP drones from Israel instead.