Chinese Hackers Resume Attacks Against U.S. Firms, Using New Techniques

Chinese state-sponsored hackers are once again attacking U.S. businesses following a three-month hiatus, and this time, they’re using different techniques. The news comes from Mandiant, the firm that revealed earlier this year that the Chinese military had a hacking division.

“They dialed it back for a little while, though other groups that also wear uniforms didn’t even bother to do that,” said Mandiant’s chief executive Kevin Mandia. “I think you have to view this as the new normal.”

Chinese hackers have proved to be a major headache for U.S. firms and governmental agencies, not only putting defense and military secrets at risk, but also posing a huge threat to industrial secrets.

In March, the White House called on China to cease its attacks on the U.S., and earlier this month, a Pentagon report accused the Chinese military of backing the attacks. China claimed that the American military is returning the favor and infiltrating their systems.

Security firm Mandiant was hired by the New York Times to investigate the ordeal after the Times‘s computer network was breached in 2012. After it revealed the hacking attempts were coming from a building owned by the People’s Liberation Army in Shanghai, the cyberattacks ceased.