Put Asking For Help On Your Daily To-Do List

Leaders should know everything about their project from top to bottom–except, that just isn’t possible. Setting aside your pride and asking for help is the truest sign of dedication.

Nobody can do it all and some tasks are best left to the expertise of our more qualified allies. But sometimes it’s tough to recognize the difference between throwing in the towel and calling for backup. Sometimes, our egos just need a reminder that it’s okay to ask for help.


Happier founder and CEO Nataly Kogan got her first taste of this sage wisdom as a young temp worker in casual conversation with her boss.

Nataly Kogan

“He said, ‘no one can read on your forehead that you need help,'” says Kogan. “Learn to say that you need help and don’t see it as a weakness. See it as a point of strength.”

Now Kogan runs her own company, where confidence and productivity aren’t just prized attributes, they’re part of the business model. She makes a point of adding “Ask for help” to her to-do list every day as a gentle reminder that her organization has outgrown her skills and expertise–the goal of any ambitious leader. Her daily plea for assistance is the glue that keeps Happier running smoothly.


Bottom Line: Make asking for help part of your daily to-do list.

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