Songkick Launches Detour, A Kickstarter For Live Music Events

Currently only available in London, Detour will help the city host bands that otherwise would not be able to fund a tour.

If you’re a music buff living in London, this news is for you. Songkick, the website that tracks users’ favorite bands and updates them on live shows, has launched a crowdfunding website for live events in London. Detour allows users to get bands to play shows in venues of their choice. It has been in private beta for the past six months, but 10 successful gigs and 1,000 happy fans later, the velvet rope has been lifted, allowing anyone and everyone to participate.


The site has already generated $100,000 in ticket sales, and is being touted as a low-risk strategy for concert promoters. It’s also a good way of hosting bands that otherwise would not be able to fund a tour. Detour is already dipping its toe into the comedy world–Aziz Ansari has confirmed one gig in the British capital.

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