Apple TV To Get CW Network TV App, With Ads

The CW Network is bringing an app like its TV Now service to the Apple TV, making it the first ad-supported network TV channel on the set-top box.

The CW is going to be bringing its TV Now streaming access app to the Apple TV soon. According to MacRumors, which has spoken with The CW’s president Mark Pedowitz, the app will not require a cable channel subscription and will work like similar apps on the Xbox and smartphones, offering on-demand access to full episodes of shows the day after they air.


The app will be supported by ads, and effectively marks the first time a network TV app has hit Apple‘s set-top box. Earlier this year Apple was said to be close to striking a deal with HBO to enable similar TV content streaming through Apple TV. Together these bits of news may be seen as a hint that Apple is taking the project more seriously now than it has in the past. Another possibility? Apple could be making a full-size TV.

As Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference approaches in June we can no doubt expect many more rumors to pop.

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