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Dubai Debuts Drones For Crowd Control

Dubai Police announced it is now using quadrocopters with 60 minutes' flight time to monitor crowds at soccer matches.

Dubai authorities are now monitoring soccer games with unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs). Emirates 24/7's Mohammad El Sadafy reports that Dubai's police are using a locally manufactured quadrocopter to conduct aerial surveillance of crowds at the Etisalat Cup. The drones have approximately one hour of air time and will feed video footage of crowds directly to Dubai Police headquarters. Increasingly more sophisticated drones are being used for aerial surveillance by a variety of outlets.

This isn't the first instance of non-human surveillance used at sporting events. Brazil has approved the purchase of $7.2 million worth of iRobot PackBot 510 robots to patrol the 2014 World Cup. Fast Company got a chance to play with the PackBot's cousin, the FirstLook, in 2012.