Pebble Smartwatch Gets $15 Million In Funding

The successful Pebble smartwatch, which began life as a $10 million Kickstarter project, just landed millions in new funding.

The Pebble project already earned over $10 million as one of the most extraordinarily successful Kickstarter projects to date, but now the team has landed $15 million in series A funding from George Zachary and Charles River Ventures.


Pebble says it plans to hire new staff to augment its 18 staff members, and is looking for “embedded developers, designers, iOS, Android, test engineers, developer evangelists, and interns/co-ops” from this summer onward.

Pebble also released a dramatically expanded software developer kit that will let third-party app writers concoct much more sophisticated apps for the smartwatch. The team notes that for the first time, this boosted SDK allows for data communication from the smartwatch back to the owner’s host Android or iOS device. This means new apps could include features like watchfaces that gather data from the Internet, remote controls for web-connected devices, check-in apps, and more sports technology integration.

Smartwatches are one of the fastest-growing areas in wearable computing, with big names like Apple, Google, Samsung and several others said to be planning hardware.

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