Spotify Starts Showing Play Counts For Popular Tracks

The music service is now showing play counts for popular tracks in its desktop app–an attempt to make the app “artist and fan friendly.”

In a bid to improve feedback for musicians, and drive fan interest in hit tracks, Spotify has started putting play counters on popular tracks. In a tweet music info website MusicAlly noted that the new figures show that the first track off of Daft Punk’s new album has been played 22.5 million times thus far.


Spotify has been continually advancing its services to improve how users interact with the music it serves. In December the company revamped some of its features to encourage users to explore for new music via the app, even after they’ve listened to the songs that initially interested them.

At Google‘s I/O conference yesterday the search engine revealed its own streaming music service, which is an unashamed bid at competing with systems like Spotify. But for now the new Google All Access music system is U.S. only, whereas Spotify is available in 31 nations around the world.

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