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Qantas Urges Passengers To Ditch Their Kindles For A Paperback Book

Gives new meaning to the phrase "book a flight."

A collaboration between Hachette and Droga5 is attempting to get Qantas's passengers to turn their tablets and e-readers off, and turn instead to paperbacks.

Stories For Every Journey is a collection of bespoke books aimed at the airline's frequent flyers. Each of the 10 volumes has been written to allow travelers to devour it, front to back, within the flight time—longer flights allow the passenger to devour a meal, throw back a few glasses of wine, and settle down for some sleep, with enough time left to finish the book.

The monochrome covers have been beautifully designed by Paul Belford, and each book has a customized foreword and note from Qantas CEO Alan Joyce. There is, however, a less-than-happy ending for lovers of romantic fiction. Given that most of the airline's frequent flyers are male, the books are mainly non-fiction, or fall into the crime or thriller genre.

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