Watching The Frontier Unfold At Our Desks: Google I/O Edition

I love it when Apple, Facebook, or–as happened today–Google, live-streams announcements of new technologies that promise to make our lives better. It’s like watching a new frontier being explored for the first time. The Fast Company office ambient noise changes from the usual congenial cacophony to a library hush with sporadic hoots, like a sports arena. No matter what the announcement actually is, it feels special and real.

Years later, I’ll be able to say I was there when Google announced geofencing, its music offering, better facial recognition, or some other architecture that becomes significant only in retrospect.

Where were you when man landed on the moon? If you were lucky enough to be alive, you were likely glued to the television, watching history unfold from your screen. The next day you’d probably marvel with friends and neighbors. We still do that, but rather than huddling around a television with our families, we sit solitary at our desks, multitasking and social media-buzzing as the event unfolds.

Viewing from the Office

As the rest of my office was busy absorbing the content of Google I/O, I snapped a few pictures of their unique consumption styles. I viewed the event from the Google I/O page directly. I found it interesting that others were directly on the YouTube stream. I was happy to see colleagues watching directly from our page-top viewer, as well.

It may turn out that there is nothing special about today, but I’ll still be glad I was there to share it.MM