Google, Andreessen Horowitz Raise $10.7 Million For Commercial Drone Effort

Airware makes software to power commercial drones, and the company is now much better off thanks to some big-name investors.

Google Ventures, the search engine’s investment arm, and Andreessen Horowitz just led a very successful funding round for Airware, a company that makes software to power commercial flying drones.


Airware received $10.7 million as part of this Series A round, and Andreessen partner Chris Dixon will join its board to help direct the company’s efforts. The plan is to use the money to expand its staffing–the company foresees increased demand for its universal development software as more and more non-government drones come into use.

Commercial drone use is rapidly growing and drones are being developed for seemingly every task, from pizza delivery to real estate photography to replacing pilots in commercial flights.

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