Burger King Announces McRib Competitor: The BK Rib Sandwich

Coming this summer: The BK Rib Sandwich, which looks an awful lot like McDonald’s wildly popular boneless McRib.

Burger King is to beget a new sandwich this summer, aiming to jab McDonald’s in the McRibs. The BK Rib Sandwich is boneless, covered in a tangy sauce and comes with sweet bread and butter pickles. According to Burger King’s VP of Global Innovation, the Rib Sandwich, which was tested in Shreveport, Louisiana, sold “extremely well.”


Available from May 21, and costing $3.49 a la carte, $5.49 as part of a meal, the Rib Sandwich is just one of a long line of new products that BK is rolling out, including Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Caroline BBQ Sandwiches.

Would you swap your McRib for a Rib Sandwich? Answers and discarded protein burger wrappers in the comments, please.

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