• 05.14.13

Apple Wants To Add Samsung’s Galaxy S4 To Patent Lawsuit

Apple files a statement as part of its ongoing California lawsuit against Samsung to have the new Galaxy S4 considered as an infringing device.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is only now set to reach store shelves, but the phone is already in Apple’s sights: It has filed documents as part of its ongoing California IP lawsuit against Samsung, saying the S4 is an “infringing device” and it should be added to the list of 22 other offending devices.


The lawsuit was initially won by Apple in 2012. But recently the damages figure was slashed from the initial $1 billion, and soon there will be courtroom debates about how much money Samsung owes Apple–which presumably is what the new S4 maneuver is about.

Meanwhile freshly leaked images suggest Samsung has plans to release a “mini” version of its S4 device.

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