ESPN Bringing Game Highlights To Twitter Stream

According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter and ESPN have deepened their already-existing relationship, agreeing to show highlights from big sporting events as short video clips embedded in Twitter’s social feed.

So, events like pre-World Cup soccer matches, college football games, and X-Games events will appear in Twitter’s stream. But it’s a bit more than a PR effort for ESPN, as Twitter is also selling ad space that will run as part of the clips, with ad partners buying promoted tweets to broadcast the content.

This is a significant hint at a future where Twitter makes more and more money from advertising, as traditional TV ads begin to be surpassed by “second screen” viewing and consumption.

Twitter has also been in the news this week thanks to its acquisition of Lucky Sort, a big data analysis firm. Back in April Twitter was also said to be chasing deals with NBC and Viacom to bring more TV-like content to its system.KE