Nokia Reveals Lumia 925 Smartphone, Channeling Apple’s Aluminum

The Lumia 925 sports a wraparound aluminum body, which is a change for Nokia.

Today in London, Nokia revealed its latest top-end smartphone, the Lumia 925. The phone sports a 4.5-inch OLED screen and an 8.7 megapixel rear camera. Unlike Nokia’s recent experimentation with highly colorful plastic chassis, though, the phone has an iPhone-esque aluminum body.


Nokia only revealed its Lumia 928 last week–an extremely similar phone in terms of specs, seeming to contain many of the same parts as the new 925. But the 928 plastic-body phone is a U.S. Verizon exclusive, which explains why Nokia also released the 925.

The thin 8.5 mm-deep aluminum body is an interesting move for Nokia. This type of high-end finish on a smartphone has become a trademark of Apple design, even though other makers like HTC have copied the approach and produced similarly elegant machines. A lot is riding on this phone–Nokia’s future really hinges on this type of high-end device. But Windows Phone 8 hasn’t captured much of the smartphone market, and Nokia is trailing industry leaders like Samsung and Apple. Will the 925’s stylish design be a winner? Its €469 price ($610) may be a barrier, along with its June availability–Apple’s next iPhone is also rumored to arrive in the summer.

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