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Report: AT&T To Discontinue Facebook Home's Flagship HTC First Phone

Facebook's Home app, the social network's attempt to hijack the first moments a user interacts with an Android phone, has a hardware champion—the HTC First. And now it looks like AT&T may be discontinuing the device after just one month.

According to BGR only about 15,000 handsets have sold to the public and the remainder will be returned as unsold inventory. The HTC First went on sale at $99, then last week was discounted to 99 cents. Now it looks like the First is done for.

Where does that leave Facebook Home? The app is getting some traction and just surpassed a million downloads, which you could see as a success. But that figure is just a tiny fraction of the 700 million people who use Facebook—which could be tied to the fact it only works on a small number of Android handsets. If Facebook is hoping to make Home stick, the death of the HTC First doesn't bode well.

[Image: By Flickr user Thos003]