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Google has launched a new content recommendation engine targeting mobile users, with Forbes as a launch partner. The recommendations appear in the form of small widgets that appear at the bottom of a post, offering up similar content that may appeal to the user.

The suggestions are based on social recommendations from your friends, and the system leverages the social network of G+ to make it tick. Ongoing reading links are based on the content of the story in question, the story's author, and Google's own search ingenuity. The widgets appear after a user scrolls back up the page, which is apparently a way of seeing if the reader has finished reading a post.

The system is similar to content recommendation services like Outbrain, which many successful sites already use. But of course it serves Google's purposes to offer one that can both utilize and promote its G+ social network, and deliver more data that Google can feed into its analytics. Google has been carefully building up G+ for a while now, threading it into ever more of its systems.