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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Facebook Blue, Tatooine, And More

“Just imagine you could be given 10 percent of the future earnings of one person you know,” Buffett says. Would you pick the smartest person? The fastest runner? No, Buffett says: “You’re going to pick the person that has the right habits.” Catch up on other sagastic advice from Warren Buffet in this week’s top 10.

10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Facebook Blue, Tatooine, And More

1. Why Is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colors In Marketing
Fast Company
Behold the power of color.

2. A Photographer Rediscovers The Crumbling Remains Of Tatooine
Imagine stumbling onto Tatooine in the middle of the desert (that happened to this photographer).

3. 5 Lessons From Warren Buffett’s Office Hours
Fast Company
Heed the Sage of Omaha’s advice. That man knows what he’s talking about.

4. Adobe: 5 Reasons We Killed The Creative Suite
Adobe is changing with the times–find out how and why.

5. Las Vegas To Google Glass Wearers: You’re Not Welcome
Fast Company
Hoping to get an edge at the card table using your Google Glass? Not gonna happen!

6. Take This Online Eye Test–The Results May Surprise You
If this ad deceives you, it may be time to get checked out. Who doesn’t love a deceptive ad?

7. If You Graduated After 1976, You Are Getting Screwed By The Economy
These graphs may not make much sense, but the message is clear–the economy sucks for recent graduates.

8. Infographic: 19 Emotions For Which English Has No Words
If you’re fumbling for the right word, it may not be your fault. It turns out that our language can’t adequately express these feelings.

9. From Beethoven To Woody Allen–The Daily Rituals Of The World’s Most Creative People And What You Can Learn From Them
Creatives are a strange bunch. Here’s how to up your weirdness with the hope of becoming more creative.

10. How To Verify News You Find On The Web
Suspicious of that crap you just read online? Follow these steps to condense the nonsense.

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