Jack Dorsey’s Mom Speaks

The Twitter founder’s mother chats about her son’s speech impediment, and what young Jack’s life was like back in ol’ St. Louis.

Jack Dorsey’s Mom Speaks

The grandmother of Twitter has spoken. That’s Marcia Dorsey, aka Jack Dorsey’s mom–Jack being, of course, one of the proud parents of the 140-character social network. In a blog post on The Accelerators, the Wall Street Journal‘s section devoted to startups and their mentors, she describes how she brought the entrepreneur up and what, she feels, shaped his life.

  • Having entrepreneurial parents. Tim Dorsey set up a pair of businesses, one with a partner, and one on his own. Marcia ran a coffee shop.
  • Taking delivery of a computer at an early age–in Jack’s case, an IBM PCjr.
  • Encouraging and fostering creativity in the kids. Jack and his brothers were taken on trips to zoos, museums, and art galleries when they were growing up.

But perhaps the most significant point that Marcia makes is this:

“We wanted our children to know that it’s better to try and fail than to never try at all. I think the main thing is knowing that there will always be difficulties in life — and teaching our children to take advantage of the opportunities to change them is one of, if not the best, things we can pass on to our children.”

What else do you think instills a creative and entrepreneurial spirit in a child? Are you with Marcia, who talks about instilling courage and providing opportunities, or is it something else? Maybe you believe it is nature, rather than nurture, that determine’s a person’s abilities in life. Tell us what you think in the comments, please.

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