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Teen Creates Tool That Prevents Spoilers From Appearing On Twitter

17-year-old Jennie Lamere created Twivo, which allows Twitter users to block certain words from their feed to prevent spoilers

17-year-old Jennie Lamere is yet another super-smart person who proves people should learn to code teaching coding at a young age: She's just won a hackathon event in Boston with an app that prevents TV spoilers from appearing in your Twitter feed.

Twivo works via a Chrome browser extension—you simply enter keywords for shows you don't want to have spoiled, enter a time limit, and the relevant tweets are magically absent from your feed. For example: Tap in "Game of Thrones" if you don't want to read any of the Lannister family shenanigans before you can catch up on your viewing. Lamere dreamed up the idea the night before the hackathon event, and it took just 10 hours and 150 lines of code to create. She beat out 80 other competitors, all men, and professional coders from the sponsor companies.

[Image: By Flickr user toolmantim]