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Downloads For 3-D-Printed Gun Blueprint Hit 100,000

Deadlier than Google Glass, easier to get your hands on.

Downloads For 3-D-Printed Gun Blueprint Hit 100,000

The 3-D-printed firearm is doing good business for its makers, Defense Distributed. According to Forbes, downloads of the blueprint of the Liberator gun, fired for the first time last weekend, have already reached 100,000.

The majority of downloads have been in the U.S., but the blueprint has also been popular in Spain, Brazil, Germany, and the U.K., according to Defense Distributed. The plans are available on The Pirate Bay and, says the BBC, have become the site's most popular file to share.

The issue has lawmakers up in arms, with New York, California, and D.C. looking to introduce legislation to curtail 3-D-printed guns.

A statement from Britain's Metropolitan Police said that, while having the blueprint was not illegal, manufacturing a weapon from it was. "To actually manufacture any type of firearm in the U.K., you have to be a registered firearms dealer (RFD)," said the Metropolitan Police in the statement.

"Therefore, unless you are an RFD, it would most definitely be an offense to make a gun using the blueprints. It may be legal for an RFD to manufacture a gun this way, as long as they had the necessary authorities."

[Image by Flickr user atomicjeep]