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BitTorrent Launches Bundled Torrents

The new torrent system is designed to help musicians, labels, and brands get detailed analytics on who is downloading their music.

BitTorrent, one of Fast Company‘s Most Innovative Companies, has launched a new bundling product. BitTorrent Bundles are torrents that include unlockable content, extra content, and time-released bonus materials. Their release is tied to individual users interacting with the artist or brand via email. Ultra Music is the first participant in the pilot scheme.

The project is designed to turn torrents into sources of detailed analytics and continued listener engagement for musicians and labels. Users who download the Ultra Music torrent will receive unreleased footage from electronic music act Kaskade’s 2012 Staples Center show in exchange for keeping in touch with the label. In 2011, BitTorrent was used for the first time to premiere a major-studio movie trailer. The brand is trying aggressively to position itself as a mainstream content distributor.

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