Revel Adds Facebook-Based Fraud Prevention To IPad Product

One of the leading providers of iPad-based point of sale (POS) solutions is integrating Facebook into their product so retailers can verify customer identities. Revel‘s new 2.0 software includes Facebook photo verification. When retailers swipe a customer’s credit card, Revel’s software automatically brings up the customer’s linked Facebook profile picture (retailers have to set up accounts for customers first).

While the company’s product is an extremely early attempt to integrate photo verification into retail POS systems, it’s also one of the first times Facebook profiles have been used as a de facto identity verification in retail.

“For this important update, the team laid out all possible security issues for our customers. Concentrating on credit card fraud – both current and forward thinking into future scenarios – we built onto the advancements that have been made for chip-and-PIN, CVV codes and PCI compliance to add a brand new component that utilizes the power of the cloud and social web to pull the most obvious anti-identity theft tool out there: your face,” said Revel’s Chris Ciabarra in a press release.

Airbnb is experimenting with similar Facebook-verified IDs for online transactions; Groupon is also aggressively marketing a mobile POS.NU