Bang With Friends Gets A Mobile App

Apparently, the app that helps you hook up with people in your social media circle is doing pretty well for itself.

Not long ago we wondered if Bang With Friends was the beginning of a sexual revolution on Facebook. Since then, it seems the service has done very well.


Today, following an incredible boom in users (900,000 people joined in just the last 90 days and there have already been 200,000 “matched couples”) Bang With Friends launched an app for both iOS and Android.

Along with the apps, Bang With Friends now lets you “undo a bang” (i.e. deselect a friend) if you’re unsatisfied for some reason, or you made a drunken mistake and selected the “wrong” friend. The app also lets its users “hang” with a friend before selecting the more full-on “down to bang” option.

The new app seems like a sensible, controlled move for the company, and the new options certainly empower users a bit more than before. Bang away at the relevant app store buttons if you’re curious to see what all the fuss is about.

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