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Hipstamatic Launches Social Photo App Oggl To Regain The Spotlight

Long before Instagram was popular, Hipstamatic tapped the retro photography vibe with digital replicas of Holga camera units and different wet chemistry "film" effects. But Instagram's social angle made it much more popular than Hipstamatic could be. Now, Hipstamatic is fighting back, with the release of a new social app, called Oggl, that allows users to share photos created with Hipstamatic's system.

Hipstamatic CEO Lucas Buick explains that Oggl is distinct from Instagram because it focuses on more serious photography: "We’re trying to build this little empire for photo nerds. We’re not trying to build something to be a new communication tool. It’s really an art tool." The app's website even advertises itself as "A Community Of Creative People Capturing & Curating Their Lives Through Photography."

Hipstamatic's app will remain as it is.

Can Hipstamatic's unique charm appeal to photographers who want to snap more than their coffee foam or the occasional selfie? Or is this too little too late?

[Image: By Flickr user daverugby83]