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YouTube Launches Trend Map To Show Who's Watching What Where

YouTube, in answer to customer feedback from its existing Trends Dashboard, has launched a mapping tool that lets you see which content is popular in which region. It's only available in the U.S. for now, but Google does say "stay tuned for updates" on that.

The Trends Map tool is pretty comprehensive: As well as a map that visually displays the headline data, the page shows content popularity by city and other demographics.

Right now the most popular clip to be shared on YouTube is True Blood's season 6 trailer, which was popular in 79 cities at the time this article was written. Google's data also shows this content is about twice as popular among female viewers, and its peak popularity lies with 25 to 34-year-olds. But the map suggests vampire shows aren't ubiquitously popular: In Grand Junction-Montrose, Co., the Dexter season 8 teaser is at the top of the chart. In Boston, folks are sharing The Clood—Life Is Just a Game EP more than any other clip.

In terms of page views, the controversial Belen vs. St. Thomas waterpolo handshake clip is almost universally popular across the U.S.

Though the data is fun to peep at, it surely harbors more meaningful info for video marketers who use YouTube to promote their wares.