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The Rise Of The Touchscreen Confirmed By Hardware Makers

The touchscreen is definitely coming to a notebook near you. Acer plans to ship so many touchscreen notebooks that by early 2014 they will comprise 50% of the company's total production. By 2015, that figure will be 70%, according to the company's VP Scott Lin. That's compared to just 12% of the company's output right now.

Separate reports suggest Acer and Asus (which together make about 70%-80% of all touchscreen notebooks produced) are pushing the touchscreen notebook revolution so aggressively that the price gap between touch and non-touch machines will fall to just $50 in the third quarter of 2013. That difference may be enough to tempt laptop-buying consumers to pay the extra cash so they can benefit from touchscreen tricks in operating systems like Windows 8.

Other sources suggest that so many 7-inch tablets will ship this year that makers may concentrate on 8-inch devices in 2014—which tallies nicely with rumors that Microsoft is looking to make a tablet of that size. These three bits of news suggest touchscreen computing is going to be ubiquitous—on both tablet and notebook computers.

[Image: By Flickr user intelfreepress]