Lumia 928: Nokia’s New Flagship Smartphone Hits The Limelight

Much of Nokia’s future success hinges on its smartphone business, so the new teaser ads for its upcoming top-of-the-range Lumia 928 phone are important.

Lumia 928: Nokia’s New Flagship Smartphone Hits The Limelight

Nokia’s Lumia phones are seen as key to its future successes. Now, thanks to a magazine ad and a new online teaser site, we now know a little about Nokia’s next Lumia phone. The Lumia 928, which is almost certainly the subject of a big Nokia press event in London on May 14th, is being promoted largely on the strength of its imaging abilities. It has Nokia’s high performance PureView technology coupled with Carl Zeiss lenses and optical image stabilization. The optics and sensor work so well that Nokia promises you can take “amazing blur-free photos and video even in low light conditions.”

Apart from that little else is known, though the phone does seem to have a chassis and screen shape that is slightly similar to previous Lumias–perhaps this time in metallic finish instead of colorful plastic.

Consumers are abandoning pocket cameras in favor of smartphones nowadays, but is this a smart move by Nokia? Or is Nokia yet again bringing a camera to a smartphone fight?

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