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Live Stream: Ask Warren Buffett About Career Moves, Productivity, Twitter, And More!

The Sage, live from Omaha as part of the Office Hours series. G'head, you know you have a question for him.

Ask Warren your question here. Watch live Office Hours weekly to elevate your career at

We've talked with Warren Buffett about philanthropy and how he's connecting with kids about financial advice—and now he turns his sagacity to you.

Joining luminaries like Sheryl Sandberg and Kate White, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO is answering questions as part of the Levo League's open-mentoring Office Hours series. He'll be fielding pre-selected questions ranging from career planning to productivity to, quite possibly, his new Twitter plans. Speaking of, you can follow the convo on Twitter through the hashtags #OfficeHours and #WarrenBuffett.

Stay tuned to Fast Company for The Takeaway from the talk.

[Image: Flickr user Fortune Live Media]

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