Adobe Kills Creative Suite, Introduces Cloud-Enabled Hardware

The company won’t be releasing a Creative Suite 7, but it did reveal it’s been working on new, cloud-enabled hardware, such as the “Project Mighty” stylus and “Napoleon” ruler.

Adobe Kills Creative Suite, Introduces Cloud-Enabled Hardware

Adobe made two surprising announcements today at its annual MAX conference. The first was that, after nearly a decade of selling its popular Creative Suite graphic design software, the company will not be releasing any more out-of-the-box versions of CS, instead moving to a subscription-based model in which users will pay for monthly access to different software apps via the Creative Cloud.


A second, equally interesting announcement suggests Adobe has been heads-down in new cloud-supported hardware prototypes. Here’s a quick look at two of the products it introduced at MAX:

Project Mighty

A pressure-sensitive stylus for use with tablets, Mighty features Bluetooth sync that lets the user access and store Creative Cloud settings and preferences, such as specific color palettes and brush settings. Local memory allows the user to switch between tablets while still preserving the pen’s settings.

Napoleon Ruler

Napoleon is designed to help designers more easily and precisely create straight lines, arcs, and basic shapes, particularly when combined with a digital stylus (such as the Mighty).

[Image: Adobe]

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